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[It's the weekend, and there's no school. And since Lion's a teacher and he's already finished marking assignments, there really isn't anything to do. More specifically, there isn't anything around the house to read. So what does that mean? A trip to the library!

A. If anyone's in the library today, chances are they'll see Lion perusing the shelves. And it looks like Lion's already caught on to the fact that since Mayfield classifies him as a man, the only books available to Lion will be books about car repair. Lion's starting to look a little frustrated by this.

Is there really nothing else here at all...?

[B. Eventually Lion gives in and figures that books on car repair are better than nothing, so he's taken some out...perhaps a bit more than Lion can carry. You may see Lion on the way home, carrying a somewhat precariously stacked amount of books. Lion's trying to be careful by walking very slowly, but still...]
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Well, it seems that the effects of our Christmas presents have worn off. Mine has too. For those of you who were kind enough to help me when I'd lost my memory, my name is Ushiromiya Lion, and you have my thanks for your concern.

Also, I know this may seem like a rather trivial thing to say considering our circumstances, but...Happy New Year, everyone. I hope this year we can find new opportunities. Like getting out of here.

[Filtered to any Ushiromiyas that Lion has spoken to]

Does anyone mind if I come over to visit? I think New Year's should be spent with family, no matter the, ah...situation, as it were.


[Lion will be headed to the bakery to pick up some cake, figuring he might as well celebrate New Year's somehow even if it's here in Mayfield. Feel free to bump into him on the way there or the way back!]


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