beamiracle: ([ frown ])
Lion Ushiromiya | 右代宮 理御 ([personal profile] beamiracle) wrote2010-12-18 09:32 am

First Miracle

[Lion had awoken in a strange bed, in a strange house, next to a stranger. Considering everything that had happened in the past few hours since Will had walked into the family chapel, this wasn't too surprising. Still, it was unnerving. Hadn't that witch sealed off everyone in the chapel from the rest of the world? How had Lion ended up here?

Quietly, Lion slipped out of bed and explored the room, hardly daring to make a sound, heart pounding. There was snow outside...wasn't it October? This was getting weirder by the minute.

Lion soon began to explore the rest of the house. There were pictures with Lion in them, along with a woman and a boy and a girl Lion wasn't familiar with. What was going on?

Will didn't seem to be around. Noticing the phone, Lion decided to try calling him.

Will-san? Are you here? I thought we weren't able to leave the chapel at Rokkenjima...what happened? This is really too weird...

[A pause. Is Bernkastel here as well? No doubt she would be hiding somewhere, laughing. So Lion takes a stern tone.] You, the witch. Bernkastel. Is this your doing?

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