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Name: Olivia
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Preferred Housing: None. However, I’d like to request that Lion be put in a “dad” slot just because the majority of the fandom theorizes that Lion is male, even though we don’t actually know what Lion’s gender is yet. If canon ever proves otherwise, I’ll have Lion canon updated so s/he can move houses.

Character Name: Lion Ushiromiya
Character Series: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
Character Age: 19
Background: ,

Lion is from the seventh Umineko game, which takes place in an alternate universe of sorts in which Natsuhi Ushiromiya, in addition to having Jessica Ushiromiya as her daughter, adopted a baby offered to her by Kinzo Ushiromiya and raised it as her own. However, while in other games the baby died under largely unknown circumstances (we do know it fell off a cliff, though whether it was an accident or not is debatable), in this game the baby grew up to be Lion Ushiromiya. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the baby’s gender, Lion is given an androgynous appearance, and none of the other characters seem to know what Lion’s gender is, even those who are supposed to have known Lion for his/her entire life. Only Lion seems to know for sure, but refuses to divulge that information directly; Lion states that whenever someone asks whether s/he is a boy or a girl, Lion simply asks them what they think his/her gender is.

Also, unlike in the other games where Jessica is heir to the Ushiromiya family, it is Lion who takes on that role. This doesn’t seem to have a major impact on the Ushiromiya family as a whole; Jessica is still under pressure from her family to perform well in school, and is just as tomboyish and feisty as she’s always been throughout the series. However, Lion’s presence in this game marks one big difference from the others: in a world where Lion exists, Beatrice the Golden Witch does not. This is what the detective Willard H. Wright soon discovers when made to investigate this world by the witch Bernkastel, in order to find the culprit behind Beatrice’s supposed “murder”.

It turns out that, simply by existing, Lion is one of the culprits. This is because Lion is a version of Beatrice, or as Lion puts it, the flip side of a coin on which the other side is Beatrice. Lion and Beatrice are both the result of the relationship between Kinzo and his daughter Beatrice II (whose mother was Beatrice Castiglioni, the daughter of an Italian official who Kinzo fell in love with during the second World War), which spiraled out of control once Kinzo came to believe that his daughter was the reincarnation of the dead woman he had been so in love with. This led to him getting her pregnant. Depending on the game, the fate of their baby was different; in some games, the baby survived, becoming the enigmatic figure known as Yasu. Yasu is implied to play multiple roles throughout the series, such as that of Beatrice, Shannon and Kanon. Lion, like Beatrice, is another aspect of Yasu if the circumstances were different.

Naturally, upon discovering that Krauss and Natsuhi are not his/her real parents, and that s/he is in fact a product of incest, Lion doesn’t take it well. Will reveals to Lion the existence of “fragments” or other worlds, and offers to show Lion the other outcomes Lion could have gone through had Lion not been raised to be the next head. Lion accepts, and learns the story of Yasu, an alternate version of Lion who became a servant in the Ushiromiya household and later Beatrice the Golden Witch.

Lion is, for the most part, every inch a model student: polite, intelligent, soft-spoken, and kind to others. The other members of the family are all very fond of Lion, especially Kinzo, the current head of the Ushiromiya family. In the past, Lion was the student council president in both middle and high school, as well as being on the badminton team. As such, Lion seems to truly be someone to admire, and more than worthy of succeeding the current head of the family.

However, Lion isn’t completely perfect; George Ushiromiya even notes that despite having seemingly no faults, Lion tends to come across as being a little too perfect sometimes. Lion’s younger sister Jessica resents Lion to some degree because of this; she is always being compared to her older sibling in some way, and Lion’s stellar performance in school puts a lot of pressure on her to be just as good. It doesn’t help that Lion has a tendency to criticize her tomboyish, straightforward manner, which Jessica finds irritating. However, neither of them really dislike one other; they simply have very different personalities and goals in life that occasionally clash.

Lion’s tendency to be critical extends to other people as well. Being someone who was raised to be the head of a rich family, Lion has excellent manners and breeding, and expects people who are in the Ushiromiya family’s presence to behave accordingly. Lion dislikes it when people make rude or perverted comments, and will not hesitate to point that out—whether through words, or through the odd habit of pinching the offender’s butt. This is especially apparent in Lion’s interactions with Willard H. Wright, whose rough demeanor and blunt speech will often earn him a pinch.

That isn’t to say that Lion is a total stickler, though. Lion does have a playful side that mostly manifests itself in the constant butt pinching and the snarky repartee with Will, for whom Lion acts as the “Watson” in Will’s investigation of Beatrice’s murder. In fact, it seems that Lion may enjoy making Will squirm on occasion. It is made clear that Lion is determined to keep up with Will, seeing that Bernkastel assigned him to the task of solving Beatrice’s murder, which seals everyone present on Rokkenjima from the rest of the world. Since no one can leave the chapel until the mystery is solved, Lion is determined to aid Will in solving this mystery so the family can be freed. The family is precious to Lion, after all; Lion will be the head someday.

Abilities: Lion has no supernatural abilities. For now. With Umineko, you can never be too sure.
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