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App for [community profile] towerofanimus

Player Information

Name: Olivia
Personal Journal: [personal profile] fairfolk
Age: 21
Contact Info: AIM: bakedanuki, Plurk: [ profile] oliviousness
Other Characters Played: n/a

Character Information

Character Name: Lion Ushiromiya
Character Series: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
Character Age: 19
Character Gender: In the original canon, Lion’s gender is unknown. The narrative refers to Lion completely gender-neutrally, Lion has a very androgynous appearance, and none of the other characters seem to actually know what Lion’s gender is. Because writing Lion this way would be difficult, I have decided to make Lion male, and I will be referring to Lion as male throughout this app. There is a good amount of evidence in Umineko to support this (even though Lion’s gender is purposely left open for debate), so I hope that’s okay!
Original Canon
Canon Point: The end of EP7's tea party, right when Will and Lion are attacked by Bernkastel's cats.
Background Link: Here
Lion is, at first glance, every inch a model student, and this becomes quite evident when you talk to him. Lion is kind, intelligent, patient and mild-mannered, and willing to get along with most people. Having been raised in a rich family as well as to be the successor to the family patriarch, Lion has excellent manners and is able to take charge in most situations. Lion also has quick instincts, and is usually able to read a situation and determine what’s been going on with ease. As such, Lion is constantly praised and admired by his relatives as the perfect future head of the Ushiromiya family.

However, sometimes that image of a model student isn’t completely perfect. After all, no one is perfect, no matter how often one is praised. Lion’s achievements tend to rub his sister Jessica the wrong way, making her resent Lion for being so flawless in the eyes of their parents and being constantly compared to him as a result. In turn, Lion is continually frustrated by Jessica’s brash and tomboyish attitude and how it keeps getting her into trouble with Krauss and Natsuhi, and he wishes that she would learn some self-control. But in the end, neither of them really hates one another; they just have very different personalities and interests that tend to clash at inopportune times.

Of course, Lion isn’t always a no-nonsense future successor to a rich family. Lion does have a playful side, though it doesn’t often show unless the opportunity presents itself, and is quick to make witty or sarcastic remarks. Though he has a lot of patience most of the time, he can get angry or frustrated, but it takes a lot to get him to express that—or it could only take a little push, since it depends on how familiar Lion is with someone. While Lion is patient with most people he meets, people like Jessica or Willard H. Wright tend to push all of Lion’s buttons. This is most likely because both of these people tend to forget their manners around polite company, which Lion is very nitpicky about. To deal with this, Lion employs the rather strange habit of pinching someone’s butt when they say something rude. No one knows how or why Lion picked up this odd way of punishment, but judging from his victim’s reactions, Lion’s pinches hurt a lot, and he will continue to pinch someone if they don’t remember their manners. Lion also can’t stand perversion, and will pinch someone if they’re being a pervert in a public setting, which unfortunately is hinted to happen a lot with his cousin Battler, a self-proclaimed “breast sommelier”.

Despite these traits, Lion truly is what his relatives proclaim him to be for the most part. He’s very caring and attentive towards those he cares about, and believes firmly in doing the right thing. He is determined to work hard and do his best at school and at home in order to become a proper head to the family, as he feels that it is his duty to do so. He is very respectful towards his eccentric grandfather, and it’s clear that these feelings are reciprocated, much to the surprise of the rest of the family who look upon him with equal parts fear and resentment. Because of this, he is considered by many who know him to be truly worthy of being the next head of the Ushiromiya family.

Abilities: None, unless pinching someone’s butt hard enough to leave a mark counts as an ability.
Sample Entry: A musebox thread and a thread on the Test Drive Meme.

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