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Twelfth Miracle

[Day 1]
[Lion didn't expect to be woken up under a pile of rubble. Thankfully he's managed to dig his way out before it crushes him, but the sight he's greeted with once he does so is no welcome one. What happened here?

After that thought, his next one is whether or not his not!family is alright. He'll start digging through the ruins of his house, both for supplies and for his housemates. Later he'll be wandering about trying to find anyone else he knows.

[Day 2]
[Today you may be greeted with the unfortunate sight of someone being chased by a group of three or four cannibalistic drones with hatchets. And that someone is Lion. His clothes are ripped in some places, his long hair is a mess, and the only weapon he has is a dull kitchen knife he managed to salvage. Not to mention that he hasn't eaten very much at all, so he can't run very fast. He's managed to evade his attackers so far, but they're gaining...]
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Day 2

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[Bernkastel has kept herself in the basement--without her powers she's just a teenaged girl and not really one for physical exertion in fighting anyway. Still, she unlocks and opens the door enough to grab Lion's arm and drag him in before locking the door again.

She has to have some entertainment while she's down here.]

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[Lion barely has time to say anything before he's dragged into the basement. Once he's inside, his legs buckle and he collapses, breathing hard. He's still unaware of who just pulled him in here.]
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[Once the door is secured to Bernkastel's satisfaction (or as much as a human's lock can secure anything to a witch's satisfaction) she turns to Lion.]

I should have expected you would be running about.

[The Mayfield-issued dress she's wearing is torn and dirty, but aside from that she looks as porcelain as always.]

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[Lion freezes and turns around at the sound of that voice. Sure enough, it's Bernkastel. She's the last person he'd want to be stuck with in here, but honestly, it's too dangerous out there and he's too exhausted and hungry to run anywhere else.]

Is that so? I didn't expect you to pull me in here, of all people.
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[The cannibals are attempting to break down the door, but aside from a quick glance at the source of the sound, Bernkastel ignores it.]

If you lock the door behind you, you're free to continue on your way.

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Day Two

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[Gunshots whistle past as well as few chunks of debris. Two of the drones stagger back from getting hit, delaying them for at least a few seconds.

Another few gunshots fly out, a voice now calling to Lion.

HURRY. Find a shelter quickly!
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[Lion flinches at the sound of the gunshots, but he keeps running as per the suggestion of whoever that came from. He looks around desperately for a place to hide.]

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[Shortly after, someone is running by him. Nay, shoving him down just as a hatchet flies over their heads.]

You got some place in mind to hide in?!

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N-no, I...were you the one who shot at them?

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Yeah, that was me.

No time to talk though--how fast can you run? I know a place close by here you can hide in to rest up and catch your breath.

[shoots at another approaching drone]

It'll be a sprint. You feel up to it?

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Kyaaah! -They aren't gaining for long. The ghouls suddenly had more immediate prey. Though it would prove far more difficult to catch. Using what appeared to be a steel rod, a familiar young man leaped into the fray, spinning and rapidly striking at the enemy, doing a damn good job of holding his own against them. Trained versus untrained, really, is what it came down to.-
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[At that moment, Lion loses his footing and falls, skinning his knee in the process. He pays no heed to the pain, though, since he thinks the ghouls will start attacking him...until he hears a familiar voice. Needless to say, he's surprised when he looks up to see what's happening.]

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-The first several strikes are aimed to disarm the mod, though that hardly makes them less threatening. Though the young man seems to know where the ghouls were going to be even before they did, not even looking at his intended target for some trikes, keeping his focus open to all of their movements. It wasn't long before all of them had been knocked down and out, Tir panting heavily.-

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[When it's over, Lion slowly gets to his feet.]


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-After a moment, Tir kneeled to wrench one of the pistols from a ghoul's hand, offering it to Lion.-

Don't go out unarmed again. Be prepared to kill. They're not going to be taken by surprise so easily again.

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Day 1

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[Not!wife is already outside and boy is she in a foul mood right now. Her creepy beautiful garden is gone, the world blew up, and this is all hitting a little too close to home, especially after her experience on shrooms not too long ago. She acknowledges him listlessly.]

You're a very deep sleeper.

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Apparently so. [Though this is said rather dryly. This isn't the first time Lion has woken up to find himself in trouble.]

Do you have any idea what happened here, Viktoria-san?

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Aside from something terrible, you mean?

[Aaaand her sarcasm for the day is spent. She turns back to gaze at that huge cloud in the distance.] I have never seen destruction of this scale before.

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Neither have I. I guess it was too much to think this would be a normal holiday.

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[Day 1]

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[Keroro found his way out somehow, sitting where the living room once stood. Keronians have been proved to be rather squishy, so he's all in one piece save for a bruise here and there. However, he's having a blue screen of death moment. His precious gundams models and hovercraft are destroyed beyond his repair.]


[Day 1]

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Keroro-san! Are you alright? [Granted, he doesn't look too bad, but it never hurts to make sure.]

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[He tries to hold back from crying but fails. After a bit he sniffles and looks up at Lion.]

But I guess that should be second compared to you guys, de arimasu!

[The not!pet decides to hug Lion's leg all while crying buckets of tears.]

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[Oh dear. Well, Lion will just reach down and pat the frog's head, since...that's really all he can do.]

I'm sorry for your loss, Keroro-san. You weren't able to salvage any of them at all...?

Action ☆ Day 1

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[ Rika was feeling pretty miserable as she wandered around pointlessly. She wanted to at least get supplies for her sister and keep Satomi healthy. But when she spots a familiar face she can't help but be a bit relieved and allow herself to be distracted. ]

m, mi! Lion! Over here, sir!

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Ah...Furude-san! Are you alright?