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Lion Ushiromiya | 右代宮 理御 ([personal profile] beamiracle) wrote2011-10-25 05:44 pm

Eleventh Miracle

[Hello, Mayfield! Today you'll hear the familiar pleasant voice of Lion Ushiromiya. Though something about it sounds a Okay, it's way off. Besides sounding more cheerful than he has a right to be at the moment, there's something else not quite right about Lion...]

Well, it seems this town has seen fit to unleash its horrors upon us once again! But don't worry, I'm sure we can all get to the bottom of things, can't we? Just like we've been able to do every other time something like this has happened. My, we have made a lot of progress, haven't we? Not to mention that we've come out unscathed every time. Keep up the good work, everyone~!

[Action: Park]
[Later that day, if you go to the park, you'll suddenly find yourself coming across two identical Lions duking it out.

With badminton rackets.

That's right, Lion is having an impromptu badminton match with Pod!Lion in the park. Not bothering with a net or most of the usual rules, they're simply hitting the birdie back and forth as hard as they can while trading insults. Approach?

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