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[Lion had woken up to find himself in...a hotel, of all places. And it didn't take long for him to figure out what kind of hotel this was. Well, at least he wasn't chained to anything...

After taking in his surroundings, Lion notices that there's someone in bed beside him. It looks like a he reaches out to gently stir her awake, though he doubts that she'll know any more about what's going on than he does. He doesn't really want to disturb her, but...

Ah...excuse me...


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[For the first few seconds, she's still half asleep.]


2/3 i lied

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[And then...someone who wasn't Yamame? Well they were blonde. They weren't Waver, either, though...


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[Kotomi lets out an ear-piercing shriek, falling out of the bed and landing on her backside.]

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[Oh no oh no oh noooo

Lion tries to keep his composure, but he doesn't like that he's scared someone...
] Ah...miss, please calm down...!

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W-Who are you? Where am I...? Where's Yamame-chan and Waver-kun? Why am I wearing this?

[Still, though, she (who is wearing a rather racy purple nightgown she knows she never bought) scoots into the corner of the room, away from him.]

[identity profile] 2011-09-05 04:24 am (UTC)(link) be honest, I'm not sure where we are. Though it's probably Mayfield up to its usual tricks...

[He approaches her slowly. He doesn't want to scare her any further.] My name is Lion Ushiromiya. I promise I won't hurt you...

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We're...still in Mayfield, then... [Siiiiigh some part of her was hoping they'd gotten out.]

[Kotomi picks herself up off of the floor, but puts a hand up to stop Lion from coming any closer.]

K-Kotomi. Kotomi Ichinose...

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[Lion stops. If she doesn't want him to come any closer, he won't. But he'll still give her a polite bow.] Pleased to meet you, Ichinose-san. I'm sorry we had to meet under circumstances such as these.

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[She bites her lip.]

Kotomi. Just...Kotomi. [Meanwhile trying to wrap the bed sheet over herself because HOLY SHIT THIS NIGHTGOWN NO SHE DOES NOT WANT LION OR ANYBODY BASICALLY TO SEE HER WEARING SOMETHING LIKE THIS AHHHHH.]

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Kotomi-san, then.

[Yyyyeah, that least Lion is wearing a tuxedo. He takes off his jacket and offers it to her.] Here, this might help.

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[She graciously takes it, but still looks embarrassed.]

T-Thank you.

jdfklskdj i am so slow i'm sorry

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You're welcome.

[Lion looks around.] Now, I wonder if there's any way out of here...