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Lion Ushiromiya | 右代宮 理御 ([personal profile] beamiracle) wrote2011-06-04 04:45 pm

Ninth Miracle

[Lion awakens with a jolt from his bed. The last thing he remembers was the pain from being shot, and then the gun being aimed at his head...and once the gun went off again, everything went black.

Was that what it was like to die?

For a while Lion simply stays sitting up in bed, letting his breathing slow down to a more reasonable pace. Then he gets up and goes to the phone. Before Lion picks up the receiver, he notices the calendar on the wall. It's been about a week since that man broke into the house and killed him.

[Filtered to all of Lion's positive CR]

Is everyone alright? I've been...out of commission for a while, so I'm not sure what's been going on. ...If you're safe, please let me know.

[After searching through his closet, Lion finds that Mayfield has given back his things. He slips the silver ring back on his finger, but pauses when he comes across his clothes from home. They have the One-Winged Eagle on them, and with so many Ushiromiyas here from different fragments...

But then he decides to wear the outfit anyway. With everything that's been going on, he needs to feel like himself again, even if it causes complications later on.

Later you may find Lion sitting on a bench in the park, lost in thought. Approach?

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