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Lion Ushiromiya | 右代宮 理御 ([personal profile] beamiracle) wrote2011-01-14 02:01 pm

Fourth Miracle

[Lion had been braced for an attack. Hundreds of cats had been closing in, Will had lost his arm, and Bernkastel had been laughing madly at them both. All hope had seemed lost, but they knew that wouldn't be so. Whatever was in their way, they would face it together. They couldn't give up when there was a miracle to find.

Lion had shut his eyes...and when they opened, Lion was here. In Mayfield. Arriving here had seemed so long ago now, after everything that had happened...after the things Lion was forced to witness, forced to go through. It was the same house that Lion had first arrived in; Will, Bernkastel, and the hundreds of glowing eyes were nowhere to be seen.

Lion's hand flew to his blood. Lion was no longer bleeding. But Lion still felt just as shaken and desperate as before, and his heart was still pounding. Shakily, Lion heads to the phone.

Hello. It...seems I was droned for a while. I'm very sorry if anyone was worried. I...

[Lion's voice trails off, and suddenly his legs give way from under him. There's a clatter and a rush of static as Lion loses grip on the phone; Lion hasn't fainted, he just can't find the strength to stand.]

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